This page describes the mode of website administration in reference to the processing of user personal information.

This information is also offered, in accordance to art. 13 del d.lgs. n. 196/2003 – personal data processing Code, for personal data protection of all users of the services offered by the Andrea Rizzo Videographer website, accessed online at the homepage address The information is provided for this website only, and not for any other website accessed by the user through links.

This informative page also draws from the Recommendation n. 2/2001 that the European authorities , gathered in a Group established by art. 29 of directive n. 95/46/CE, adopted on the 17th of May 2001 to identify minimum requisites for online gathering of personal data and, specifically, the methods, times and nature of the information that the data controllers must provide to users when they access web pages, independently from the purpose of their access.


Following consultation of this website, data belonging to identified of identifiable persons may be processed. The appointed supervisor is Andrea Rizzo, Riva Pasquali, 13  –  30126 Lido di Venezia (Italia), tax code RZZNDR66E06L736C, VAT number 04017970270, internet website, email:


The processing related to this website’s services is located at the abovementioned venue and is handled exclusively by technical staff of the Office appointed to processing, or by eventual technicians for occasional maintenance tasks. No information resulting from web services shall be shared or published. The personal data provided by users that forward requests are used only for the purpose of fulfilling the request and are shared with third parties only to the extent necessary to this purpose.


Navigation data: the electronic systems and software procedures dedicated to the operation of this website acquire, during normal practice, personal data that is implicitly transmitted in usage of Internet communication protocols. This information is not gathered with the intent of identifying individuals, but for its very nature might, through processing and association with third-party information, allow to identify users. In this category are included IP addresses or domain names of the computers employed by users, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of resources requested, times of requests, method used to forward the requests, size of files obtained in reply, the number code indicating the server response status (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters connected to user operating systems and computing environment. This data is exclusively used to obtain anonymous statistical information on site usage and to monitor correct operation, and it is deleted immediately after processing. The data may be used to abscertain responsibility in case of hypothetical cyber crimes against the website; apart from this case, at present all web contact data is deleted after seven days. The website and navigation data are hosted on Siteground Inc. service provider, world leader in hosting and cloud computing services. The optional, deliberate and voluntary sending of email to the addresses indicated on this website entail the necessary acquisition of the sender’s address, needed to reply to requests, as well as other personal information included in the message. Specific information summaries will be progressively reported or displayed on webpages set up for explicitly requested services.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer when visiting a website. This text file stores information that can be read by the website when visiting it again at a later date. Some of these cookies are necessary because otherwise the site is unable to function properly. Other cookies are convenient for the visitor: they remember your username in a secure way as well as your language preferences, for example. Cookies mean that you do not need to fill out the same information each time you visit a website.

Why does Andrea Rizzo Videographer use cookies?

Andrea Rizzo Videographer uses cookies to help us provide you with a better user experience tailored to your personal preferences. By using cookies Andrea Rizzo Videographer makes sure that you do not receive or need to enter the same information every single time you visit the Andrea Rizzo Videographer website. Cookies are also used to optimise the performance of the website. For example, cookies make the checkout process easier or help you to find a specific item of clothing faster.

To protect your personal details as well as against any possible loss of information or any form of unlawful processing, Andrea Rizzo Videographer has taken appropriate organisational and technical measures.

How can I disable cookies?

You can modify your browser to turn off cookies. This is very easy to do. Please note: if you disable cookies, your user name and password will no longer be stored on any website

Microsoft Internet Explorer

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Mozilla Firefox


No personal information is purposely gathered by the website. No cookies are used for transmission of personal information, nor are persistent cookies of any kind used, i.e. user-tracking systems. Session cookies (which are not retained in the user’s computer once the browser is shut down) are strictly used only for session identification numbers (random numbers generated by the server), necessary to allow secure and efficient browsing of the website. The session cookies used by this website avoid having to resort to other computer techniques which may be potentially compromising to user privacy, and they do not allow any acquisition of the user’s personal data.


Except for the navigation data described above, the user is free to provide personal data specified in the request forms or in contact with Andrea Rizzo Videographer, to solicit sending of informative material or other communication. The failure to provide this data may entail the impossibility to have the request fulfilled.


Personal data is processed through automated tools for the time that is strictly necessary for achievement of the purposes for which it was gathered. Specific security measures are observed to avoid the loss, illicit or incorrect use, and unauthorized access to the data..


The persons to whom personal data refers have the right to, at any moment, obtain confirmation of whether the data exists in possession or not, and to know its content and origin, verify the correctness, ask for integration or update, or correction (art. 7 del d.lgs. n. 196/2003). In accordance with the same law, the person has the right to request cancellation, anonymization or blocking of data processed in violation of the law, as well as to oppose any processing for legitimate reasons. Requests may be addressed to Andrea Rizzo, Riva Pasquali, 13  –  30126 Lido di Venezia (Italia), or at the following email


The present privacy policy is available automatically by the most recent browsers implementing the P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences Project) standard suggested by the World Wide Web Consortium ( Every effort will be made to render the features of this website compatible with the automatic privacy control mechanisms available in a few products employed by users. Keeping in mind that the current state of automatic control mechanisms does not make them exempt from errors and malfunctions, the present privacy policy is published at the web address ‎ , where it is subject to updates.

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